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Wood Door Exterior.

Finish Work done in Our Facility prior to Hand Fitting into Customers Existing Opening. New Lock Sets and Threshold.

T-Astrigle Problems

Do you have something on your Double Door System that resembles these Pictures ? Your not alone! It is a Common Problem! These Metal and Plastic Systems showed up in the mid 1990”S . All Manufacturers had a Slightly different design and none ever offered any Replacement Parts,that we could find.Although over the years we have collected a few spare parts. Some were Wood. Replacement is most always Possible. In some cases ,a Repair can be done.

Front Door Replacement, Upgrade

These standard six panel, steel, builder-grade double front doors were upgraded to solid wood, stave core, flush slab doors. They were finished with three coats of semi-gloss polyurethane spar varnish, and a new wood astragal was installed to seal the doors and prevent drafts. The finish work was done in our shop prior to installation, so on-site work was done in one day. These doors were hand-fitted to the customer’s existing jambs, so no demolition was required. Often this is the most feasible approach, but in some cases, a new pre-hung unit is a better choice. Wood rot or an upgrade to PVC or stain-grade wood jambs are examples where a new pre-hung unit would be required. This Palm Coast customer chose oval glass with tan frames and brass caming. Flush doors made from wood, fiberglass and steel provide customers with an almost unlimited choice of glass.

Fiberglass Door and Sidelight Refinish

Fiberglass exterior doors have been installed on homes in East Central Florida for well over 20 years now. The fiberglass was originally finished with a gel stain, probably with multiple coats of clear topcoat. This set of doors in Halifax Plantation was allowed to weather so long with little or no maintenance that it was faded where it was exposed to sunlight the most (bottom) and mildew was growing on it (top). This damage to the entrance area gave the otherwise well-maintained home a lesser first impression. Fortunately fiberglass, unlike wood, will withstand aggressive prep work. The procedure we used on this refinish project started with a conservative amount of water pressure used in conjunction with a rotary orifice. This process removes 99% of all loose material, leaving a well-prepared, clean surface for refinishing. Next, we applied a sealer (shown here in progress). Last, we finished it off with two coats of premium exterior satin paint. We completed the work in three trips.

Sill Repair

Rotted masonry in window sills is a common problem in East Central Florida homes. The repair process begins by pre-casting masonry window sills. We clean off loose debris, then treat steel rebar with rust control if any is left. Next, we install a series of concrete screws wrapped with copper wire for bonding. A form is then built so the front can be removed first for drying and curing. Last, concrete/mortar is poured to achieve the window sill’s original design.

Glass Etching, Custom

Custom glass etching is a cost effective alternative that is many times not considered. As far as design options go, simply put, our catalog is your imagination! Designs can be done via the Internet, so your special one-of-a-kind glass design is brought to the job already done and ready to install. Services are also available on-site if preferred. Designs can have as little or as much privacy as you like. These before and after pictures were taken of an exterior bathroom door on a pool deck on the Ormond mainland.

Mirrored Door

Mirrored Door on both sides for closet or otherwise   

Barn Door 1

Barn Door 2

Barn Door

Barn Door Interior. Hardware comes in multiple colors and doors can be whatever you want.

Garage, Side or Back Door Replacement

Obviously badly deteriorated wood door in an area where conditions are extreme. Direct sunlight western exposure, boat stored and used regularly. Concrete slab for rain to splash back from the air conditioning unit. Solution: All aluminum pre hung 1/2 Lite combination 1 3/4" Thick Cabana Door. No maintenance, units come in several colors and a variety of glass options or Flush (No Glass) Regular entrance and/or deadbolts used. Option of in or outswing

Storm Door Full View

Allows the customer to show off their new full glass wood front door. We installed this glass in a wood door instead of steel or fiberglass simply because the customer liked the feel and appearance of wood! This new front door is located on the river front home in Harbor Oaks in a spot where it gets direct sunlight and is further protected by the storm door. Replacing this 1970's panel door certainly helped the curb appeal of this upgraded home. As always wood can be stained, varnished or primed and painted. The additional light is greatly enjoyed by the retired homeowner.

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